Infographics of Jamdani Saree

Infographics of Jamdani Saree

Before we start to dig in to the infographics of jamdani saree, here is few things needs to understand and the first thing is  various Notations, symbols, patterns and various stages that needs to complete to weaving a Jamdani. From the very beginning to the end there is several procedures and in this infographics we will try to cover it with few simple but must have to follow steps.

Here are the most common and  often used notations that used on Jamdani saree are as bellow-
1. Eksa Signifies the primal symbol “X”. It represents cross roads and the unity of opposites, and in some cultures the butterfly and the soul’s journey home.
2. Jamiti translates to geometry and, in this context, signifies the unity that underlies the sacred geometry in primal shapes and the creative elements of the universe.
3. Shunya means Zero, and therefore also origins. In asian subcontinent spiritual tradition it is the beginning that encompasses the end.

infographics of Jamdani Saree

Now lets proceed to the details on the infographics of Jamdani Saree step by step-

2 Weeks- Yarn Spinning:

4 Weeks- Yarn Dyeing:

1 Week- Loom Setting:

3 to 7 Days- Weaving:

3 Days- Washing:

3 Days- Finishing: